Indigenous Reconciliation Fund

Published : 2022-05-03 a 00h00 | Category : Diocese

Indigenous Reconciliation Fund:

Over the past weeks, it was only possible for me to touch on some of the realities encountered by the Indigenous peoples in Canada. I have mainly touched on the issue of residential schools as this is where some dioceses and religious communities have been directly involved. I am well aware that there is still very much to be done to repair the legacy of the past, to overcome deep-seated systemic racism and to establish an equal footing between reconciled indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. I am also aware that no measure can fully erase the pain of the survivors or that of the people living with intergenerational trauma.

However, by listening to and cultivating trusting relationships with our indigenous peoples while working collaboratively with them, we hope to learn to walk together on the path leading to truth and healing. The projects we will be able to support locally, thanks to your generosity, will be concrete signs of our commitment to accompany our indigenous brothers and sisters on the long road to reconciliation. For those who may not have had the opportunity to contribute to the Reconciliation Fund, there are envelopes still available in the churches. You can pick one up and make your donation whenever you wish.

Thank you very very much. May God bless us and sustain us in our efforts to bring people together leading to reconciliation.

Archbishop Valéry Vienneau