COVID-19 Instructions: Effective on March 14th, 2022

Published : 2022-03-10 a 20h00 | Category : Diocese

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus,

Last Thursday, I held a meeting with the College of Consultors, and we came to the following decisions:

Sanitary Measures

On March 14, the provincial government intends to remove all remaining measures related to COVID-19. 

After discussion, we think it is better to keep some health measures than to remove them all at once. The following items only come into effect after March 14.

1.    Wearing the mask:   We ask parishes to maintain face masks in the churches while people circulate (entering, exiting, and going to communion). Once seated, people will be able to remove their mask or keep it. (However, those who refuse to wear the mask should be accommodated).

It is important to remind people to continue to be cautious as we have unvaccinated and vulnerable children, youth, and people in our churches. Even if the government removes the health measures, the virus does not disappear. It can still wreak havoc.

2     Disinfectant:  We ask that parishes continue to have bottles of disinfectant at the entrances of the churches. In addition, priests and communion ministers should continue to disinfect their hands. 

   Distancing and the list of participants:  These measures will no longer be required. People can be encouraged to respect a certain distancing, but not imposed. We will no longer have to keep lists of participants.

4    Holy Thursday:   We ask not to perform the Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday as a precaution.  Therefore, all parishes are requested to refrain from the Washing of Feet this year. 

May the Lord bless us and continue to watch over us!

Mgr Valery Vienneau

Archbishop of Moncton