Parish history

Saint-Timothée Parish / Adamsville

Established in 1878  
First church in 1883
 First priest : 1911

Between 1878 and 1910, pioneers from Sainte Marie and Prince-Edward-Island settled in this region. They had the advantage of the newly constructed railway in the area.
The first chapel was built in 1883.  In 1906, it was replaced by the present church.
Sisters from ‘Les Filles de Jésus’ congregation came to teach in the newly built school in 1960 and continued to teach in Adamsville until 1974. Their convent became the Golden age club in 1981 and now serves as the Adamsville Community Centre.

The Saint-Timothée Church in Adamsville is no longer considered a sacred place since March 31 st 2018, in accordance with a Decree issued by the Archbishop of Moncton.  Saint Timothée Church may no longer be utilized in any way for Divine Worship. We sincerely thank the people, the committees and the priests that have upheld this church since 1906 for all their efforts and involvement in so many ways.  Click here to read the decree for the Definitive Closing of St-Timothée Church in Adamsville