Parish history

Immaculate-Conception Parish / Rexton

Established after 1800
First church in 1853
First pastor in 1921

In the pioneer days, the Catholics of this region were served by missionaries who visited the Eastern parts of this province. From 1800, the place of residence of the missionary priests was in Richibucto-Village. When Saint Louis became a parish in 1840, with a resident priest, Joseph M. Paquet, the Rexton people were served by him, but they kept on going to Richibucto-Village  for services.
Father Hugh McGuirk of Saint Louis constructed the first Rexton church in 1853. Saint-Anne, Rexton, South Branch and Chapel Point were reunited in 1886, to form the new parish of Sainte-Anne. It was Father Harnett who first served the Rexton people from Sainte-Anne.
In 1921, Father Robert B. Fraser became the first pastor of Rexton and its missions. It was he who constructed the present rectory. The parish hall was built around 1959 with lumber bought from Easter`s Nursing Home on the other side of the river, lumber that had been intended for the building of the Holy Cross Mother House).