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FRONT (L-R) Mark Mahoney, Susan McCarthy, Most Rev. Valéry Vienneau, Archbishop of Moncton
BACK (L-R) Don Langis, Debbie Theriault, Andrew Wilson, Frank Quinn, Ellen Bennett, Fr. Phil Mulligan
Members of the Adult Faith Commission are:

Ellen Bennett: is a wife, mother of three adult children and the Coordinator of the Office of Faith Development for the Archdiocese of Moncton.  Her 30 years as a catechist has helped her see that as well as developing intellectually, emotionally, physically, we need also to pay attention to our spiritual development, as all humans are spiritual beings.  Her passion is accompanying adults on their journeys of faith and seeing them encounter the God moments of their lives most often expressed in ordinary moments on ordinary days. 

Mike Jeffries: is a member of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Pastoral Unit. Married to Mary Ann, they are both retired.  He has had a long association with marriage preparation; is currently involved in the music ministry of his parish and is a past member of the Local Parish Council. Among other things, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience of working with disabled adults to the Commission.

Donald Langis: is the former Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator. Prior to his retirement, he was Radio-Canada's News Director for the Atlantic Provinces. He studied at Holy Heart Seminary in Halifax; holds a certificate from École de la foi, the diocesan francophone pastoral formation program; a number of certificates from the summer formation programs of St. Paul’s University; and a Masters in Pastoral Theology from that institution. Donald sees his involvement with the AFC as part of his own faith journey from which he derives personal enrichment by remaining connected, deepening and sharing his faith with others, and contributing to the spread of the Good News.

Mark Mahoney: is the pastoral associate for St. Elizabeth of the Trinity pastoral unit.  Prior to taking this position, he was a long-time parishioner at St Augustine's Parish (31 years) and served as part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults team for more than 20 years.  He has also been a facilitator with family faith.  Mark is a lector and a lay presider.  Married with two adult children, Mark has a great passion for Scripture and loves finding God in the ordinary events of life.  His favorite saying is: "Today is a gift; that's why it's called the present."

Susan McCarthy: is a wife and mother of two young adult children.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and social work from St. Thomas University and a Diploma in Adult Education from St. FX.  A retired adult education with the federal government, Susan has worked with marginalized populations for 35 years.  She is a member of St. Bernard's parish, where she has served as a catechist for many years. Recently she began a journey as a volunteer with hospice (HSENB).  Susan regards formation as a lifelong process where learning and serving deepens and strengthens her faith with time. Her personal relationship with God guides and supports everything in her life

Fr. Phil Mulligan: is the priest moderator for the pastoral grouping of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. He has a growing interest in Scripture, evocative art, archetypal psychology, and ancient rites of male initiation. He loves getting presents and sees life as one great big gift from God. Fr. Phil is a member of the Shady Character Society whose members commit themselves to at least one secret act of charity and prayer each day.

Frank Quinn: is a parishioner at St. Augustine’s parish.

Debbie Theriault is a wife, mother of 3 adult children and grandmother to 2 boys and one on the way. She is a LPN, Art Therapist, and provides spiritual care at Horizon Health's detox on Mapleton Road.  A member of St. Augustine's since 1987, she is an alumni with NBCC (Woodstock), Mount Allison University (Sackville, N.B.), The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute (Nelson, B.C.) and The Atlantic School of Theology (Halifax, N.S.). Debbie hopes to share input during ongoing discussions with the Commission.  She enjoys creating all forms of artwork.   

Andrew Wilson: is a member of St. Bernard's, St. Vincent's, and St. Clement's Pastoral Unit, and is the Adult Faith representative on the Pastoral Ministry Team for that unit.  He is Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Mount Allison University where he teaches and researches in the area of Christianity and its cultural reception.  He lives in Sackville with his wife and two sons.  Andrew brings a longstanding fascination with the riches of the Catholic Tradition and its remarkable capacity to continue circulating in contemporary culture, often in unexpected, even challenging ways.